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Race Recap – Adidas Marathonya 10K – PR 44:43

The day finally came, a new race to run. I had waited for it for so long. I woke up at 4:15 and…


10K PR!! 44:43!!



Finish Line

OK sorry.

Had to get that out of my system.

So, seriously, 04:15. I mean, not that this time is new to me in any way, but I was hoping to sleep until 5:15 at least, enough time to get out of the house by 6:15 and make it to race by 6:45.

 It's early, but I've seen worse.  At least there's light out

It’s early, but I’ve seen worse. At least there’s light out

I had been good about getting at least 7 hours of sleep for the last few nights.

Start time of the 10K was 08:00, but there was a Half Marathon race at 7:40 and I wanted to be there to see them go, besides get my bib, besides go pee a few times, besides warm up, besides eat a gel… too much stress for my little mind. Getting there early would at least mean one less thing to worry about: being late (!!)

It probably took me just 20 minutes to get to Park Hayarkon, in Tel Aviv, no traffic at 6:30 in the morning.

It was cold so I stayed with my long jogging pants and a sweatshirt. Walked to the race site, got my bib in about 2 minutes, went to the restroom (no porta-potty but actually like a caravan divided in 2 with restrooms for men and women, nice.  And went back to my car to warm up (as in sit with the heat full on), get my bib pinned to my shirt, put my running shoes on (I was wearing flip flops, despite the cold) and eventually take of my warm clothes and stay with my running outfit.

I met a friend from work who was also running the race and we went back to the race site to get his bib and then back to his car.. between all this I kind of forgot about doing a warm up run… I know, crazy… I guess my mind was occupied and that’s a good thing.

About 10 minutes before the race started I did a 5 minute run, not nearly enough, but at least I had gotten some walking beforehand, and I was at the start by 7:58, with 2 minutes spare to eat a GU.
The race started punctually at 8:00 AM.

Because the race was in the park, the running path was relatively narrow, at least comparing to road races ran on the street, so the first KM was though, too crowded.


I was trying to pass people, and it wasn’t easy. I was running out of the path and on the grass.  Maybe I should have placed myself a bit more forward at the start line, but I didn’t want to go off with people faster than me because I knew it would push me to run faster than I wanted, and then burn out.


Probably by the 3rd KM I had gotten to a place where I could run comfortably in terms of personal space.  Although there were people around me at all times during the race, at least it wasn’t as crowded as in the beginning.  This is when I was finally able to dictate to myself how to run, and not have to go by the pace of the people in front of/around me.


I wanted to run negative splits and had a plan (of course) in my head that I tried to follow.

The half point, which was a turnaround, came fast enough. I was trying to control my breathing, make all the effort come from my legs, and it worked. It’s easier to run that way.
The second half of the race took us parallel to the first half, but on a separate path which was gravel for about 2 KM… I don’t like running on gravel. I guess I’m not fit for trail running.  That part was hard for me and I know I slowed down a bit, although effort wise I stayed on the same level, I think. Eventually we went back to asphalt, thank you!

The last 3 KM were once again, tough for me. I was fighting hard not to slow down, not to make the same mistake I had made on my previous 10K, where I went out fast and couldn’t keep up. I ran a controlled race this time, there was just no excuse for slowing down.
With about 2 KM left to go we went by the finish line, with one more loop to go.. tough sight! To see the finish but know you are not there… and you still have 2 KM to go… even though 2 KM is not a lot on a regular run, it becomes a lot during a race. Gotta push. So I did.

Ran the last loop and I was again, this time for real, with the finish line in sight.  And I crossed it, finally.

I looked at my Garmin and saw 44:53, and hoped official time would be around that, a little more, a little less, it didn’t matter.. hopefully my final time would start with 44 and not with 45:xx, I knew it shouldn’t, I had turned the watch on only a few seconds before going through the start so Garmin time and official time should be just a few seconds off each other.

I finished the race with tired legs but overall feeling strong. I’m happy mostly because I was able to run smart, keeping very close to the pace I wanted at all times.

Official Time: 44:43
Overall Place: 98 out of 655
Women’s Place: 2 out of 166
Category (35-44) place: 1 out of 72


A few comments about the event:

The race was organized by a big sports events company in Israel called Shvoong, and I was very pleasantly surprised at how well the event was organized, from way before the actual race day. Besides the regular registration confirmation email, a few days before the race I got an email with relevant updates, a link for Waze (GPS) to get to the site, and my bib number for easier bib pick up.  These little things win big points for me.

As for the actual race, from the parking lot there were signs pointing to the race site, the running route was clearly marked, water stations every 2-3 KM, generous post race water and snacks (crackers, bananas, oranges, dates, maybe a few more things). Oh, how could I forget, beer. And I had some too, at 9:00 in the morning… that’s all runner’s high, I hardly drink, even at night!  Cheers!

Beer at 9:00 AM.[/caption]

A negative about the organization, they wrote on their website, as well as told me when I asked after the race, that the awards ceremony would be at 11:00. Kind of late for me since I was done running by 8:45, but they wanted to wait for all the half marathoners to finish. Fine.  I wouldn’t have stayed for it, but since I was to be on the podium I didn’t want to leave and be a no-show there. Kinda ungrateful I guess? So I went to my car to get my sweatshirt, water bottle, NUUN, and came back around 10:00.. and the ceremony had already started… What?! Good thing I didn’t take longer going to my car and back or I would have completely missed it.

There are a couple of parking lots by where the race started, although with 1500 participants they filled up really fast.
I was able to park in the lot closest to the site (about 5 blocks) since I got there early, most people had to park in the 2nd lot, probably 2 or 3 more blocks.  I know that’s not bad, but I’m spoiled by previous races where my car was right by the start line and I could go back any time to get my things.  Fine, no big deal.

13C/55F, just perfect. I wasn’t hot at any point during the race.


Brooks Pure Flow 2, Feetures Foot Sleeve, Pro Compression Marathon socks, Athleta Stability Run short, Moving Confort Fiona bra, Athleta Energy tank, IPod Shuffle, Garmin 220, Ironman sunglasses.



Getting Ready for Friday’s Race, and Taking Pictures of My Foot is Not Fun

This Friday I’m running a 10K race, so I’ve been getting ready for it all week. I am slightly Type A when it comes to organization. By getting ready I mean:

* Tapering – 30% off weekly running distance, and easy cross training.

* Eating healthy all week, and for the last couple of days nothing new/spicy/fibrous, not too much dairy/fat/protein/salt. Lots of carbs. No complaints there.

* Foam rolling, every night.

* Going to bed early to try to catch a few good nights’ sleep (instead of my usual 5-6 hours).

* Charging my Garmin and IPod.

* Making a playlist, easy pace songs for warm up time, medium pace songs for the 1st half of the race, and hard pace songs for the 2nd half.

* Thinking of a race plan, meaning the time I’d like to run and splits to get there.

* Decide what I’ll wear. This wasn’t an easy task.

* Check out relevant details such as weather forecast and where there’s parking available. I just got an email from the race with my bib number and GPS directions to the parking lot, nice.

* Get my bag ready to take with me on race morning: race outfit, water/snacks, body glide, etc.


Maratonya 10K Gear

All my crap… I mean, stuff.

I was going to take a rest from running for the 2 days prior to the race, Wednesday and Thursday, with my last run being yesterday morning, an easy 8K.
But it was raining when I woke up and I hate running in the rain or right after, when the sidewalk is still wet, so I went swimming instead, and postponed the run for this morning.

I ran really easy today because I want my legs to be very well rested on Friday.
Funny thing about yesterday is that about an hour after the rain, the sun was shining and the weather was warm… no jacket needed. Look at that, that’s Israel’s winter. Tough.

Israel Winter

I know many of you are dealing with very cold weather and haven’t been able to run outside.. I can imagine how much that sucks. Unless you can use it as an excuse… c’mon I’m sure it comes in handy sometimes.

You might have seen this before, from a great blog called The Oatmeal:

Log Out, unless it's cold

Love this stuff


My left foot has been bothering me for a while, first it was my ankle, after a small car accident in June 2013. Now it’s my heel, I don’t want to self-diagnose with Plantar Fasciitis but it’s looking like it.

I wear some kind of support when I run, for both my ankle and my foot, and yesterday I also tried to KT Tape it. Who knows, maybe it will help. That’s what happens when I go to bed at 8:05 PM and there’s no way I’ll fall asleep.

Trust me that taking a good (by good I mean not horrible) selfy of your foot is not as easy as it seems… I guarantee at least 10 minutes of entertainment. Doesn’t the KT Tape look nice?

Foot KT

It stuck nicely and held fine until this morning.. and I actually think it helped make my foot feel better. However it didn’t last beyond my morning shower, and I had to take it off.

How do people make it last 3 days.. way beyond my capabilities.


How do you get ready for a race? Are you a planner or a go with the flow kind of race runner?


Any tips for making KT Tape stick?



Race Recap – Holon Run 10K

I live in Holon, Israel, so it was only fitting that my first race was in my own city.  Once a year the city organizes this race around the months of October or November, and this year it was on November 22nd and organized by a charity organization.


I was extremely nervous before the race.  I tried to take it easy and think of it as just one more run (I’ve done so many on those same streets), especially the days coming up to the race.

But I found myself constantly thinking of what I would eat, how I would organize myself (what to take with me, what to wear, when to wake up, etc.), and what time would I run… had no idea how running with so many people around me could affect me.



On training runs I usually do 10K around the 48:00-50:00 minute range, so I was hoping for at least that time, but I was afraid the crowds and turns would slow me down… or on the contrary, the energy and an ‘extra’ race effort could put me at a better time than that.. no way of knowing.  But hey, your first race is only once.

The race started at 08:00 AM, meeting time was from 06:30.  I figured I’d get there early, to get a good parking spot, go to the bathroom, warm up, whatever.

 I still look pretty happy here...

I still look pretty happy here…

I wore Brooks Pure Cadence 2 purple shoes, compression socks, longish running short tights, and an Athleta top.  Nike running glasses that have seen better times.   Need new ones, add that to my list.

 No clue what happened to that right lens.. sun damage?

No clue what happened to that right lens.. sun damage?

20 minutes before start time I went for a 5 minute walk and 10 minute run, my usual warm up, and got in line for start with about 5 minutes to spare.  Not bad, I didn’t want to stand there for too long but also didn’t want to risk being rushed, 5 minutes was perfect.  Ate a GU gel, stood around, and off we went.

 I'm there.. somewhere...

I’m there.. somewhere…

Well… who told me a common rookie mistake was to go out way too fast?  Oh yeah, everyone told me that.  So I guess I shouldn’t beat myself up for having done just that… first 2 KM were at 04:15 min/km (06:51 min/mile), I don’t think I ever even run that fast in my life, no training runs, no running away from a wild bear or a scary person, nothing.  I was on fire!  And then I was baked, about half way.  It wasn’t pretty.  Thought of quitting, but of course I kept going.

Finish line: not much left in the tank
Finish line: not much left in the tank

Finish time 46:03.

Average Pace 04:36 min/km (07:24 min/mile).

14/317 women, 10/178 category, 240/1397 overall.

(5K time was 21:58, see what I mean?  Oh well, there’s always next time).

Bottom line, I loved the experience.  Can’t wait for more races.

Long Weekend Run

I had a great run this morning.  23.2 km (14.4 miles) in 01:58:44.  Long and easy.

To be honest, there was nothing too special about it, it was a normal run, but I was SO not looking forward to it that I guess the fact that in the end it didn’t suck, made it great.  You know, everything is relative.

Say hello to my crappy non running watch.  I haven’t bought a GPS cool Garmin or whatever brand watch yet, but I know I will succumb to social media peer pressure soon.

Really, all looking cool aside, I want one.  I think it will help me pace myself better, and I will finally be able to say goodbye forever to the Google Maps measuring distance tool, looking forward to that.


Maybe I can phothoshop this picture into looking like a Garmin?

Anyway, I usually love all my runs, the long and the short and the fast and the slow (eehhh not so much the slow ones).  But I woke up this morning not looking forward to 23 km.. I guess I didn’t prepare myself mentally for it last night.  I wouldn’t have known what that even meant a few months ago, but it is real.  You can’t just get up and be ready for 2 hours (or more) of running.  So I woke up, and the thought of a long run at 6:30 in the morning weighed heavy on me.

I drove to the beach front and started to get in the mood when I saw a couple runners go by, so thanks to you Mr. Gentleman and to you Ms. Pretty Lady.  I wore tights and a thin long sleeve shirt, it was kind of chilly when I started but got better as the sun came up.  At least there was already light when I started, I am usually out and about way before the sun.


I looked like a Mizuno billboard although I’m usually much more diversified gear wise

I run all along the beach front from Bat Yam to Tel Aviv (via Yaffo), very very nice route, my favorite.  Lots of runners, lots to see, fishermen, people walking their dogs.. I just love it.  Didn’t really feel I was making any kind of effort until the half point… that has to mean I was enjoying myself right?  Started feeling my hips tighten somewhere on the way back but that was about the extent of my discomfort.  Can’t complain.  The whole 23 went by fast.


My splits (just way there and back) in my highly technological world: Excel spreadsheet.

A first for today’s run: I made a bathroom stop.  I had to pee and although I usually can hold it (I always feel like I have to pee at some point during long runs), when I saw a nice (as I said everything is relative) public bathroom by the Tel Aviv Port I had to take advantage of it.


Better than the alternative

Overall a good workout, and I’m always relieved after a long run, I feel like I’ve accomplished something.  It’s probably because I can’t just make up for it any other day, no time on weekdays for 2 hours running.

Have a great weekend!

 Just kidding!  It is the weekend

Just kidding! It is the weekend