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Coffee Addiction, Ice Cream, and the Coolest Bib Number I will Ever Get

I actually went to sleep after 10:00 PM last night, because I knew I wouldn’t be running this morning, or tomorrow. 2 days straight of no running or working out, brought to me by tapering.

I didn’t drink coffee for breakfast today.
No, not because I didn’t need it due to waking up 2 hours later than usual, but because I wanted to drink my new health elixir (aka green juice), which a coworker brings me to work, on an empty stomach.

I had the juice when I got to the office at 08:30, and a granola bar about half an hour later. Gave the juice some time to work its magic on me.
I wonder if it makes a difference to drink it on an empty stomach or not, but it usually doesn’t happen that I come to work without first having breakfast and going for a run, so today was a good day to try.


I’m no longer able to drink office coffee, it’s just too bad, so that’s how “no coffee” happened this morning.
I saw a really good tip on Single-Tracked Mind’s blog about withdrawing caffeine for a couple days before a race, and then drinking coffee on race morning to get an extra boost, so I thought I might give that a try for my 10K race on Saturday, since I had one morning of no coffee under my belt already.

However at noon I made an emergency call to a friend to go out for coffee, yep, I’m addicted I guess. I couldn’t stand the headache any longer, which of course went away after the first sip.

See the empty coffee cup? It took me about 30 seconds to finish it.


Coffee and ice cream loading with a good friend. It made me happy.

And then I got an email about the race I’m running on Saturday, letting me know of my bib number: 888.
OMG. Is that a cool number or what? Now I have to rock that race. The best bib number I’ll ever get just cannot go wasted.

According to a random blog on the internet, 888 is the luckiest number in Chinese numerology. I will be able to confirm or refute that piece of information on Saturday morning.



Are you physically addicted to coffee? From all the bib numbers you got, do you have a favorite?


HIIT Run Outside, and Hooked on the Green Stuff

Yesterday I did an interval run outside, as opposed to the treadmill, for the first time.
I set my Garmin to give me half KM (500 meters) splits, so I could alternate between hard and easy, 500 meters each.
I enjoy doing interval runs because they are fun, they go by fast, and I know they help me get faster. But having to actually think about my pace, instead of just setting the number on the treadmill, was really hard.

I don’t know if this is an issue only I have, but my Garmin is not great at giving me the exact instant pace I’m running. The splits are perfect it seems, but if I look at my watch at any given time, especially if I recently changed my speed, the display of instant pace is quite off. I tried to go by feel, and for fear of running slower than I had planned, I ended up not only running faster, but each interval is not even similar to the previous one.

It was a good run but all over the place. The one thing I’m happy about is to see the last fast split at 03:54 Min/KM (06:16 Min/Mile). That’s a new pace for me, even if I only kept it for 500 meters.



The wife of a coworker has a home business where she makes fresh juice every day and delivers it. My coworker brought me one the other day to try, and now I’m hooked and ended up signing up for weekly deliveries. Nice trick.
The taste wasn’t the best, but definitely drinkable. And I could almost feel the vitamins and minerals going into my cells and making me healthier!
With that being said, I drink it as an addition to everything else I eat and drink daily. I actually had the juice after having a post workout snack of a Clif bar and a shake with banana, melon, soy milk, and flaxseed. Replacing meals with juice on a regular basis and for long periods of time sounds crazy to me.



Do you drink freshly pressed juice? What is your opinion on juice cleansing? If you have a GPS watch, is the instant pace precise?

(sorry but I have to figure the GPS one out, it drove me cray yesterday).