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Long Run, TLC, and the Real Reason I Don’t Post Pictures of Food

I know I take bad selfies, but I don’t have anyone to take a picture of me at 06:00 in the morning, especially on the weekend.
I just had to take one to show you my new Mizuno top, I love it. Worked great on my long run today, very airy and fresh, no chafing whatsoever, and the racer back is so cute.


21.3K/13.2M at average pace 05:04 Min/KM (08:09 Min/Mile). Not bad for the morning after a race. I wanted to take it easy, which I did, I am trying to make speed runs not more than 15% of my weekly total running.


I’m good with my average pace for the run, but my pacing wasn’t the best:

2KM/1.2M – warm up at average pace 05:45 Min/KM (09:15 Min/Mile)
9KM/5.6M – taking it easy at average pace 05:14 Min/KM (08:25 Min/Mile)
10.3KM/6.4M – loving running, but not keeping the easy pace I intended, at average pace 04:47 Min/KM (07:41 Min/Mile)

The pace of the last 10K, that is my “happy” pace. My favorite pace to run, especially when I get there gradually, after a few KMs at an easy pace. My legs are warm and feel strong and I get to that pace so naturally. I feel fast, that is definitely not an easy pace for me, but I feel strong and not winded at the same time.

On weekends I usually come home after I run to shower and get ready, during the week I usually shower at the gym. It’s nice to come home and spend a bit of time with the kids before I jump in the shower, and especially not be in the usual rush that is the work week.

After getting ready, I hit the fridge big time. By then it had been over an hour since I finished my run, so I was starving. All I had after the run was water with NUUN.

I really don’t know why I used my daughter’s Hello Kitty’s plate

Recovery shake with banana, cacao, glutamine (yum), soymilk, flaxseed, and molasses.
The healthiest bread sold in Israel, at least that I have found, and the most delicious hummus, I did scrub that container clean.
A few almonds, my husband likes to soak them overnight, it makes them softer. I prefer them dry but I don’t really mind, I don’t eat them too often.

A couple of hours later I had another snack, and this is the reason why you don’t see a lot of food pictures in this blog, I remember to take pictures after I’m done eating.


I ate the whole pineapple, it really wasn’t too big, leftover apple pieces from my kids’ snack, and a Clif bar.

I took my knee high compression socks out of circulation for running because it’s officially too hot, but my calves were feeling a bit tight so I decided to use them for recovery. A bit of TLC can’t hurt: freeze spray, foot cream, tight socks, and lying down. Followed by a glass of water with apple cider vinegar, and Grid rolling.



What is your “happy” pace and why?



LSD turns to LFD, once again

Perfect start to the weekend: a 23KM/14.3M run at 6:30 in the morning, on the Yaffo to Tel Aviv boardwalk, and back.

I definitely got an early start on everyone, look at that empty parking lot.

Yaffo Port Parking Lot

I know some people get it and some people think I’m crazy, but to me an early run, especially a long run, is the best way to start the day.

I’ve learnt to love long runs.
It’s not that I didn’t like them before, I was just afraid of them. I guess it makes sense to be afraid of a long run when you first start.

Look at these cuties I found on my way to the port’s parking lot:

Bears and Fish

Once again, I didn’t take my phone with me on my run. I wanted to take pictures, but didn’t have a proper pocket for it. No big pockets on the tights I wore, and I tried to take it on my long sleeve top but it was jumping around so I put it back in my car.
I have great tight (no jumping around) mesh pockets on my tight shorts, so as soon as the weather is nicer I’ll be able to run with them and carry my phone.

I’m 2 weeks away from the Tel Aviv Half Marathon, and since I did a fast finish long run last weekend, the plan was to do an easy run this time.


Somewhere on the 12KM/7M a guy passed me, and started running right in front of me.
I don’t mind at all when someone passes me, not on regular runs and not on races. I do my thing, I have my plan, I have my paces.

But, this guy, wherever he came from (hadn’t seen him anywhere around me before), passed me and just stuck there. I let him be and figured he’d gain some distance on me soon enough, but he didn’t. So after a few minutes I went ahead and passed him again, I can’t run with someone so close to me, when the whole boardwalk is empty.
And then it was on. What ensued was about 5 KM/3M of me not letting him pass me, and him not letting me pass him. Way too funny. OK it was very annoying then, but it’s really funny now.
Eventually I just turned around and ran in the other direction, and not because I couldn’t keep the pace but just because I wanted to do my thing.

I still had 7KM/4.3M to finish my run and I actually kept it up for the remainder of the run.
Thanks stranger, for a half marathon distance PR on my Garmin:

Garmin Half Marathon PR

My workout/splits. I was forced to run faster. It wasn’t me.

Workout Garmin and Splits

I went home straight after the run to shower, since I had to be at my son’s kindergarten at 9:15 for a family activity, and after that to my daughter’s daycare for another family activity.
I got home at 8:45, took a shower, got dressed/makeup, ate a snack really quickly and left.

I met my husband and son at the kindergarten (they left a bit earlier than me) and first thing my husband asked me, right in front of all the other parents, is if I hadn’t had time to take a shower. I guess I looked that good.


Any running related funny things people told you that you care to share?

Do you compete with the people running around you?



Twice Tel Aviv Port and LSD

The alarm went off at 5:15 this morning, I had some strong coffee, read some articles and blogs online and went out for a run.  My early morning ritual of drinking coffee while reading on my computer, when it’s still dark out and everyone is sleeping, is one of my favorites.  A little bit of silence before the noise starts.



I left the house at 6:15 and drove to the Yaffo Port to start my Long Slow Distance run there.  The sky was really dark grey and the road was wet so I figured this might be my first run in the rain, it has to happen sometime, right?.. but I got lucky and it didn’t rain.
My long runs in the last few months have always started in the same place because I’ve calculated the distance for that particular route on Google Maps, 20 KM (12.4 Miles), and if I want to run a longer distance then I just measure the “extra” part I mean to run and add it to the 20 KM.  I’m way to anal to just run wherever or whatever distance… I have to know my stats.


Well, since I have my new Garmin I can really run wherever and have the watch tell me how far I’ve run… isn’t that awesome?  So today I started at Yaffo Port, run to Tel Aviv Port which is about 7 KM (4.3 Miles), and from there went into a Park that’s right by the Port and run there about 3 more KM (1.9 Miles) each way, and of course back to my car.  Total 20.2 KM (12.5 Miles) in 1:43.  First half average pace of 5:20 Min/KM (8:35 Min/Mile), second half average pace of 4:52 Min/KM (7:50 Min/Mile).


Garmin Map


I’ve only been running longer than 13 KM (8 Miles) for the past 4 months.  It was scary at first to go beyond that, so it’s incredible to me how this kind of distance doesn’t daunt me anymore.  I definitely feel my hips by the end of the run, sometimes I feel some calf tightening (depending on the effort I’m making) but that’s about it.


Keep Running


It was a great run, the weather was a bit cold (I mean this in a good way), it was early in the morning so the boardwalk wasn’t crowded and it was comfortable to run, and it just felt really good.  I ran 4 days in a row but tomorrow is rest day.  I need it. Usually I don’t run more than 3 days in a row but this week my schedule had to be tweaked because of my trip, so I kind of made up for the lack of running in the beginning of the week.


I wore my new Mizuno Wave Rider 16 in black, capris with knee high compression socks (so it looked like I was wearing long tights actually), and a long sleeve Mizuno thermal top, no under layer, but I wasn’t cold.  I did take a pair of gloves I bought recently, it was my 2nd time running with them, and I didn’t regret wearing them.  I did decide not to wear the hat I took with me, and left it in the car, I think that I would have gotten too warm at some point otherwise.


I was back home by 8:45 to take a shower, eat something, and get ready for some family time… Tel Aviv Port again…!!


 Enjoying the warm sun this time

Enjoying the warm sun this time


Totally different this time, just 2 hours later, the sun was shinning and it was full of people, families, kids, bikers, runners.. it’s one of my favorite places to go, we took bikes for the kids, walked around, and had a late breakfast/lunch (my 3rd breakfast of the day, nice).


 Eating Breakfast, Drinking Coffee

Eating Breakfast, Drinking Coffee


Long Weekend Run

I had a great run this morning.  23.2 km (14.4 miles) in 01:58:44.  Long and easy.

To be honest, there was nothing too special about it, it was a normal run, but I was SO not looking forward to it that I guess the fact that in the end it didn’t suck, made it great.  You know, everything is relative.

Say hello to my crappy non running watch.  I haven’t bought a GPS cool Garmin or whatever brand watch yet, but I know I will succumb to social media peer pressure soon.

Really, all looking cool aside, I want one.  I think it will help me pace myself better, and I will finally be able to say goodbye forever to the Google Maps measuring distance tool, looking forward to that.


Maybe I can phothoshop this picture into looking like a Garmin?

Anyway, I usually love all my runs, the long and the short and the fast and the slow (eehhh not so much the slow ones).  But I woke up this morning not looking forward to 23 km.. I guess I didn’t prepare myself mentally for it last night.  I wouldn’t have known what that even meant a few months ago, but it is real.  You can’t just get up and be ready for 2 hours (or more) of running.  So I woke up, and the thought of a long run at 6:30 in the morning weighed heavy on me.

I drove to the beach front and started to get in the mood when I saw a couple runners go by, so thanks to you Mr. Gentleman and to you Ms. Pretty Lady.  I wore tights and a thin long sleeve shirt, it was kind of chilly when I started but got better as the sun came up.  At least there was already light when I started, I am usually out and about way before the sun.


I looked like a Mizuno billboard although I’m usually much more diversified gear wise

I run all along the beach front from Bat Yam to Tel Aviv (via Yaffo), very very nice route, my favorite.  Lots of runners, lots to see, fishermen, people walking their dogs.. I just love it.  Didn’t really feel I was making any kind of effort until the half point… that has to mean I was enjoying myself right?  Started feeling my hips tighten somewhere on the way back but that was about the extent of my discomfort.  Can’t complain.  The whole 23 went by fast.


My splits (just way there and back) in my highly technological world: Excel spreadsheet.

A first for today’s run: I made a bathroom stop.  I had to pee and although I usually can hold it (I always feel like I have to pee at some point during long runs), when I saw a nice (as I said everything is relative) public bathroom by the Tel Aviv Port I had to take advantage of it.


Better than the alternative

Overall a good workout, and I’m always relieved after a long run, I feel like I’ve accomplished something.  It’s probably because I can’t just make up for it any other day, no time on weekdays for 2 hours running.

Have a great weekend!

 Just kidding!  It is the weekend

Just kidding! It is the weekend