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Sticky Independence

Cold weather and I are bitter enemies. Even here in Israel, there were some mornings that the thought of running outside made me want to quit running altogether.
But now spring is here, and it got warm really fast.
I went for a run at 06:00 in the morning, with 25C/77F when I started. Humid and sticky.


It was an easy pace run so I wasn’t making a lot of effort, but still finished my run sweaty and tired.



It’s a non-working holiday in Israel today, Independence Day, and we spent some time with family. My husband’s parents both come from really big families, so get togethers become huge events with lots of aunts and uncles and nephews and children all over the place, quite fun. I think we were over 50 adults and at least 20 children.


Sometimes I miss eating meat, but then I think about the bigger picture. My veggies were delicious, and I also had a large piece of some round thick bread, I don’t know exactly what it was, kind of like a pita but four times the size.


A little break in the week always does wonders to my energy levels, and I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s morning run and strength training, although my alarm is set for way too early.
It will be another easy run, similar route as today. I’m doing mostly moderate runs this week after Saturday’s race, the only speed work will on Thursday.


Do you get to see your extended family often? Is there anything you’ve quit eating?


Weekend Runs

Friday: Long Run

I don’t have any long races left this season, no half marathons, and I’m not running my first full marathon anytime soon. I am running a 10K early May, a 5K mid-May, and that’s it most likely. So I wondered if I should keep doing long runs.

And then I remember that I was doing long runs way before I started racing, that long runs are very enjoyable for me, and that they provide many other physical benefits, besides training for a race.

So Friday I ran 23.25K/14.4M. 01:58:46. Average pace 05:06 Min/KM (08:12 Min/Mile).
My first split was 06:06 Min/KM (09:50 Min/Mile), and my last split was 04:43 Min/KM (07:36 Min/Mile), getting progressively faster through the run. Mostly negative splits, with a couple seconds positive splits here and there.

It wasn’t an easy run, only because my legs were a little tired from a hard Fartlek run the day before. Usually my long runs come after a cross training day, so my legs are more rested than they were this Friday. Still, it was a good run, and if my tired legs helped me keep the pace relatively easy, that’s a good thing.



Saturday: Tempo Run

Starting the run with tired legs from Thursday and Friday’s runs, I was hesitant about this run. But, I had it on my schedule, so I had to try.


I am happy I was able to pull it off, although I know I could not have run even a second faster on the last 3K, I was giving it all I had.
I’m satisfied with this run because it went according to plan, however I doubt on race day I can do faster splits than 04:18 Min/KM (06:55 Min/Mile), which is too bad because I am counting on the last few KMs being faster than that.


Do you keep long runs all year round?


London Marathoners: Are Your Legs as Sore as Mine?

First of all, if you ran the London marathon this morning, or any marathon, or any other race, or just went for a run.. hope it was a great one!


No, I didn’t run the London marathon, not even a race, but my legs are so sore.

I did an 8K interval run on Thursday with the last 3 intervals being 1 minute (or 250 meters) at 04:00 Min/KM (06:26 Min/Mile). That is fast for me. A long run on Friday, a tempo run on Saturday, and an easy recovery run this morning: 11.6K/7.2M with average pace 05:10 Min/KM (08:19 Min/Mile).



I try not to run more than 3 days in a row, but this weekend it happened that I ran 4.
I ran a bit less distance the previous week because of a race (I skipped the long run), and I wanted to get back to my 60KM/37M a week.
No running tomorrow for sure. Maybe some swimming, if I don’t come up with a good excuse to skip it.


Do you have a limit on how many days in a row you run?

How many KMs/Miles a week are you running?


Gray Day Run Day

It was dark and gray when I woke up this morning.
After spring comes, we are spoiled with blue skies almost every day. A gray day kind of throws me off.
But it was perfect for a run, a bit of wind to keep me cool, darker skies with no sun to bother my eyes.


I went to the boardwalk and run 11.24KM/6.98M in 53:35, average pace 04:46 Min/KM (07:40 Min/Mile).
Did the last 6.24KM/3.87M at tempo, a bit faster than my 10K pace, average 04:24 Min/KM (07:04 Min/Mile).
Splits that put my last race to shame.
I think I need to stop racing and just run.


And I think I got my first running tan line. Nerdy or cool? I say cool all the way.



Do you have running tan lines already?


Typical Friday

Friday is the first day of the weekend in Israel, and a great day to be out.
The morning is busy for stores and coffee houses because many people don’t work and have time to do some shopping or go get breakfast.
I enjoy the bustling atmosphere, as long as I don’t have an agenda, and can just be out having a good time, looking around, no stress.

For me, first thing in the morning was a nice, easy, can’t ask for better weather, great music in my ears, long run. 21.2K/13.2M at average pace 04:56 Min/KM (07:56 Min/Mile).
A long run on Friday mornings has become routine, and I enjoy every minute of it.


My long run route is perfect, all through the boardwalk from Yaffo to North Tel Aviv, going by the Tel Aviv Port, then by a small airport where sometimes if I’m lucky enough I see a plane land or take off right by me, just a fence between the runway and the running path. Then a bit through Hayarkon Park. And all the way back. If you are in Israel you have to run this route. It makes you want to keep running and running.

I felt really good through the whole run, my legs finally felt rested after a few harder weeks. I can’t say I had been training harder, but for some reason my legs had felt tired, maybe I didn’t take enough rest days. Today I felt back to normal and I’m looking forward to a couple of weeks of training before my next race.


I was back home by 09:00 AM, got ready, and we went out to Tel Aviv to walk around and eat.
This is also quite typical of my Friday morning, good food, shopping, and people watching in a fun, young, great city.
I bought a couple of books, looked around the market, and had an Israeli breakfast which I failed to take pictures of because I was so hungry I ate it all too fast.


Spent the afternoon at a local coffee house, 5th coffee of the day, some quality time with the kids making rainbow loom bracelets. If you don’t know what that is, trust me you are lucky.


TGIF, and have a great weekend!


What is your typical weekend activity?