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Sticky Independence

Cold weather and I are bitter enemies. Even here in Israel, there were some mornings that the thought of running outside made me want to quit running altogether.
But now spring is here, and it got warm really fast.
I went for a run at 06:00 in the morning, with 25C/77F when I started. Humid and sticky.


It was an easy pace run so I wasn’t making a lot of effort, but still finished my run sweaty and tired.



It’s a non-working holiday in Israel today, Independence Day, and we spent some time with family. My husband’s parents both come from really big families, so get togethers become huge events with lots of aunts and uncles and nephews and children all over the place, quite fun. I think we were over 50 adults and at least 20 children.


Sometimes I miss eating meat, but then I think about the bigger picture. My veggies were delicious, and I also had a large piece of some round thick bread, I don’t know exactly what it was, kind of like a pita but four times the size.


A little break in the week always does wonders to my energy levels, and I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s morning run and strength training, although my alarm is set for way too early.
It will be another easy run, similar route as today. I’m doing mostly moderate runs this week after Saturday’s race, the only speed work will on Thursday.


Do you get to see your extended family often? Is there anything you’ve quit eating?



Long Weekend Run

I had a great run this morning.  23.2 km (14.4 miles) in 01:58:44.  Long and easy.

To be honest, there was nothing too special about it, it was a normal run, but I was SO not looking forward to it that I guess the fact that in the end it didn’t suck, made it great.  You know, everything is relative.

Say hello to my crappy non running watch.  I haven’t bought a GPS cool Garmin or whatever brand watch yet, but I know I will succumb to social media peer pressure soon.

Really, all looking cool aside, I want one.  I think it will help me pace myself better, and I will finally be able to say goodbye forever to the Google Maps measuring distance tool, looking forward to that.


Maybe I can phothoshop this picture into looking like a Garmin?

Anyway, I usually love all my runs, the long and the short and the fast and the slow (eehhh not so much the slow ones).  But I woke up this morning not looking forward to 23 km.. I guess I didn’t prepare myself mentally for it last night.  I wouldn’t have known what that even meant a few months ago, but it is real.  You can’t just get up and be ready for 2 hours (or more) of running.  So I woke up, and the thought of a long run at 6:30 in the morning weighed heavy on me.

I drove to the beach front and started to get in the mood when I saw a couple runners go by, so thanks to you Mr. Gentleman and to you Ms. Pretty Lady.  I wore tights and a thin long sleeve shirt, it was kind of chilly when I started but got better as the sun came up.  At least there was already light when I started, I am usually out and about way before the sun.


I looked like a Mizuno billboard although I’m usually much more diversified gear wise

I run all along the beach front from Bat Yam to Tel Aviv (via Yaffo), very very nice route, my favorite.  Lots of runners, lots to see, fishermen, people walking their dogs.. I just love it.  Didn’t really feel I was making any kind of effort until the half point… that has to mean I was enjoying myself right?  Started feeling my hips tighten somewhere on the way back but that was about the extent of my discomfort.  Can’t complain.  The whole 23 went by fast.


My splits (just way there and back) in my highly technological world: Excel spreadsheet.

A first for today’s run: I made a bathroom stop.  I had to pee and although I usually can hold it (I always feel like I have to pee at some point during long runs), when I saw a nice (as I said everything is relative) public bathroom by the Tel Aviv Port I had to take advantage of it.


Better than the alternative

Overall a good workout, and I’m always relieved after a long run, I feel like I’ve accomplished something.  It’s probably because I can’t just make up for it any other day, no time on weekdays for 2 hours running.

Have a great weekend!

 Just kidding!  It is the weekend

Just kidding! It is the weekend