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Give Me Normal Any Day

It’s so nice to be back to normal running after last week’s taper and Friday’s race.

I missed the normalcy of it, doing my usual workouts, no holding back for a race, no pressure either.

I’m also back to my normal ‘not enough sleep’ though.  Last week I made a real effort to go to bed early, and it worked.  This week I’ve been going to bed at 11:00 PM, which is late when I wake up at 4:30 AM the next morning.

Not Enough Sleep

I made extra strong coffee today, 4 heaping teaspoons of ground coffee to make 2 cups for myself.  Does that mean I’m taking the equivalent caffeine of 4 cups?  I hope not.
I refuse to buy a machine with the pods, I like to be in control of my coffee. Damn, I’m double OCD now?
Obsessive Coffee Disorder
I left the house earlier than usual to go for an easy 10KM/6.2M run outside, and still have enough time to go to the gym to do some strength training afterwards.

And this is what I saw when I went down to my car. My wet car, not a pretty sight:

 My wet car, not a pretty sight

Geez.  No one told me it was supposed to rain.  I can’t stand running in the rain, or on wet sidewalks…

Inside my car, trying to figure out what the heck to do now:

 Inside my car, trying to figure out what the heck to do now.

But then, I’m not one to quit a run either.  So I went, it didn’t rain, and the wet sidewalk wasn’t so bad.  Score.

10KM/6.2M at average pace of 05:20 Min/KM (08:35 Min/Mile).

I try to take it easy for a few days after a race, although my legs are feeling strong.  I will do some light speed work tomorrow, 9KM/5.6M run with 10 intervals close to the end at 04:10 Min/KM (06:42 Min/Mile), but only 30 seconds each, so still an average effort workout overall.  I do have a half marathon to run in 25 days after all, with last week’s taper and the week before the half’s taper, I don’t have too much real training time in between.

My foot is still bothering me a bit and I can only hope it doesn’t escalate to worse than “bothering me a bit”.

I’ve started massaging it which feels really good, but I don’t think it actually helped yet.  I have to go to the store to buy some tennis balls, in the meantime I’ve been using a cylindrical bottle of hand sanitizer…

A little under the desk action at work:

 A little under the desk action at work

You probably can’t see well, but those boots are my favorite right now, and they are Harley Davidson, I feel like a badass just wearing them.


How much coffee do you put in your coffee maker?  Do you like the pods?


What’s your post race week like?  Do you go back to regular running right away?