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Give Me a (Lunch) Break, a Shirt, and Something I was Not Expecting to See

I forgot to write that I got an Adidas shirt as a prize for placing second on a 10K race last weekend.

The shirt was really nice, dark pink with a bit of light pink, and a really cute cut that sat tighter on the waist and a bit loser from the waist down, and a really light and soft material.

The only problem, they gave me a Medium, which was too big for me. The body part wasn’t so bad, I could have kept it, but the sleeves were awful, twice the size of my arms, at least.

So I went to exchange it yesterday, at the store who sponsored the race, Adidas/Brooks Marathonya, and this is what I saw on my way there:

Tel Aviv Marathon 2014 Start Line

You probably can’t see what it is, but don’t worry because I was driving while I took these pictures (!!!!!  bad, bad, I know), so I got closer pretty soon:

Tel Aviv Marathon 2014 Start Line

So, that’s the start line of the Tel Aviv Marathon / Half Marathon / 10K on February 28th! I’ll be doing the Half Marathon there. I was surprised to see it up already but most than anything I was so excited to see it!

And I was able to exchange the shirt to an XS, similar model, except in orange. Not the same… but then I didn’t have anything orange in running gear so now I do.


Adidas Shirt Prize
Seriously, it was so much prettier in pink


Do you have a favorite color for running gear? I own A LOT of purple, my favorite color.