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Half Marathon Rehearsal Run

This weekend I did a rehearsal run for my half marathon coming up in less than 3 weeks.
Is there such a thing as a rehearsal run?
This is what I did that is the same/similar to my upcoming race:

1) Early start & running at race time:

Most of my runs are early in the morning, so this is an easy one for me. Although this time, instead of running at 6:00 AM or so like I usually do, I waited to start my run until 8:00, the time the race will start, to get a feeling of what the sun feels like while running at that time, temperature, etc.


2) Distance:

I didn’t get to 21.1KM/13.1M, just because. I did 20K/12.4M, to me that’s close enough, that’s what I had scheduled in when I did my training plan, so I stick to it.

Good Enough

Next weekend I’m doing 23KM/14.3M, although I’ll be doing them all at a slow pace, so it’s not the same (read on).

3) Pace / Fast Finish:

My race plan is to run all negative splits. Should I say my race dream instead of my race plan?

This is what I did on this run as well, average pace for first 10K was 05:10 Min/KM (08:19 Min/Mile), average pace for last 10K was 04:37 Min/KM (07:26 Min/Mile).

Garmin 20K

4) Fuel – Before and During:

Race nutrition always scare me. Don’t drink too much, don’t drink too little, don’t be hungry, don’t be full..

Breakfast was 2 cups of coffee, a granola bar, and 2 large glasses of water. Same will be on race morning. That’s a lot of liquid but it will be needed during the race. I’m bad at drinking while running, that’s a problem.

Then I had a GU gel (strawberry banana, not bad) before I started running, and another GU gel (jet blackberry) a bit before half way (9th KM). I wish I could eat more right before the race, like a Clif bar or similar instead of the gel, but I’m afraid it’ll make my stomach feel heavy, cramp, or worse (!!).


 Like me and my GU

Like me and my GU

5) Gear:

I didn’t do a full gear rehearsal just because I’m not going to be wearing anything new anyway. I wore a relatively new pair of Mizuno Wave Rider 16, same I will wear to the race, high knee compression socks, sunglasses and my Garmin FR220. But I wore capris and a light long sleeve top, and to the race it will be short tights and a sleeveless top.


It was a good run but it was obviously not race effort.

The thing is I can’t say this run gave me confidence for the upcoming race, so I’m bummed. The last half of the run was tough, sure my paces were pretty good, but I’m hoping to run faster on the race, and now I’m doubting I’ll be able to.

So I guess I’ll find out in 3 weeks.. at the race.. I’m not doing another long hard effort run until then.

And the usual after a long run: food, nap, and a lot of rolling.

I even have a fast learner around, I guess her hips were tight like mine.

Rolling Baby


Do you do a rehearsal run before a race? In terms of distance, pace, gear, fuel, etc.?