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Shoe KM / Mileage Track Chart (Excel)

Every pair of shoes comes with an expiration date, or an expiration distance, the distance you can run with a shoe before it stops giving you the support you need for healthy running.

However, there are other factors that come into consideration when ‘deciding’ (that sounds kind of random, doesn’t it?) the life of your pair of shoes, besides what the manufacturer recommends: the surface you run on, weight, stride, speed, biomechanics, weather, etc.

I’ve been following manufacturer recommendations this far, because I don’t feel experienced enough in running to realize when a shoe is past its prime, and I don’t want to risk injury.
But ideally, knowing from past experience what running with still good shoes feels like and taking into consideration manufacturer recommendations, we’ll be able to tell when it’s time to change shoes.

For those of you who, like me, like to keep track of the KM/Miles on their shoes, I am attaching an Excel chart where you can calculate the distance ran on up to 7 different pairs of running shoes.

Shoe Mileage Tracker


1)     Download the excel file in this post, by clicking on the link above, and save it to your computer.

2)    Under Shoe List (cell A2 to A8), write a description for your running shoes.


3)    Under code (cell I2 to I8), insert a code for the shoes.  I use a 2 letter code, but it could be anything else.  The code you insert, will be automatically updated on the Weekly Mileage per Shoe chart (below to the right, not shown in picture).


4) Under Max Miles (cell M2 to M8), insert the maximum mileage you plan to run in those shoes. If you prefer to calculate in KM, enter the maximum KMs.


5) Every week, log your running distance for each day of the week under Miles (you can enter as KMs as well) column for each day, and the code of the shoes you wore each run. The days you don’t run you can leave blank.


6) After the week is over, if you wish, you can hide the row for that week.


7) When a shoe reaches the maximum distance you specified, the column (J/K) showing total Miles (or KMs) will turn red.


8) Kiss the shoes goodbye, and go get yourself new ones.



Bye Bye to My First

My excel file got a red cell.

Shoe KM

My first pair of real running shoes have expired, they are done.
It’s time to say goodbye to my Mizuno Wave Rider 15.

Mizuno Wave Rider 15

I got the running bug about a year ago.
This whole crazy, amazing, running thing started on my last birthday, when I decided I wanted to run a marathon someday.

Well, it wasn’t completely out of the blue, I had been running up to that point, about 15KM/9M a week, divided in two sessions. So nothing too hard core.

But then, a marathon?  (Not that it’s happening anytime soon).

This meant more running, “serious” running.  Actual training.
And I needed new shoes, made for running shoes, so I got myself the Mizunos.  And loved them.
Not only because they were so light and comfortable to run in, but because of the way they looked. Pretty badass compared to my Nike walking shoes.

I wore them for every run for the first few months, until a younger model replaced them in terms of favorites. But those Mizunos still had a place in my heart, because they were my first.  You know, I’m a girl, can’t help it.

And this past weekend, they reached their max.  800KM/500M.
So I’m putting them up for walking around or spin class.
Kind of sad.  I might go buy me some new shoes.

Wertheimer Store


Do you remember your first pair of running shoes?

Do you stop running in a pair of shoes when they reach the maximum recommended mileage?



Back Home and a New Watch and Shoes

It’s so nice to be back home.

Uneventful plane ride back, basically I slept 8 hours out of the 10 hour flight. It’s usually not easy for me to sleep on planes, but I guess I was still tired from the flight to New York and the 2 very busy days I spent there, so although I didn’t feel exhausted, I probably was.


My main acquisitions from US soil: a Garmin Forerunner 220 (yes! yes! yes!) PURPLE! I am in love. And an IPhone 5S. I was still using the butt old IPhone 3GS, which someone suggested I donate to a museum… really, was it that bad? I didn’t mind it, actually I still really liked it.. but it was time to upgrade so I did. I do feel the differences between the 2 phones, although the only difference I actually care about is the quality of the camera, wow, nice improvement there. At least I don’t have to carry my heavy DSLR to take decent quality pictures.


 I have been waiting for you

I have been waiting for you


 I don't know why I need this but I guess I do

I don’t know why I need this but I guess I do


I also bought 4 pairs of running shoes. That’s what happens when buying shoes in Israel costs double of what it cost in the US, you basically go crazy when you can buy running shoes in the 70-100 dollar range…

I got 2 pairs of Mizuno Wave Rider 16 (red/green and black/pink), 1 Brooks Pure Cadence 2 (aqua), and 1 Brooks Pure Flow 2 (purple). This is my first pair of Flows, but I already own a pair of Wave Rider 16 (aqua) and a pair of Cadence 2 (purple).


All my other shoes (boots, sandals, etc.) are in my closet, but my running shoes are always in that little cabinet, ready to be worn!


 I know I'm crazy (but I'm not the only one), I love all those shoes...

I know I’m crazy (but I’m not the only one), I love all those shoes…


And this morning I did my first Garmin run and I am so excited. I did a route I am very familiar with (3 loops around my neighborhood), so I knew in advance what the total distance of the route was, but I absolutely loved being able to see what pace I was I running at any given time, and not having to look at the time after each loop and remember it so I could later calculate my speed on an excel spreadsheet at home (yes, I’m a runnerd).


I haven’t familiarized myself much with the watch’s functions yet as I haven’t had much time, so I can’t wait to read and learn more about all I can do with it.


Today’s run was a longish fast finish run, basically the first half of the run is easy pace and the second half is faster. Total distance 13.1 KM (8.1 miles), first 7 KM (4.3 miles) were average 5:28 min/km (8:48 min/mile), and the last 6.1 KM (3.8 miles) were average 4:36 min/km (7:24 min/mile).


I’m doing speed work on the gym treadmill tomorrow, and hoping for a long 20 KM (12.4 mile) run on Saturday on the boardwalk.