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We Love a Challenge, a.k.a. Fartlek Run

I can’t tell you exactly how to define a Fartlek run. Something about a Sweedish word, speed play, unstructured.
Whatever the exact definition is, for me a Fartlek run is one where I change the speed and the interval lengths unevenly, not as a HIIT where each interval is the same length/speed.

This morning I had a Fartlek run scheduled that scared me a little.


I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do the last 2 minutes, because I’m not used to that speed, and not for a whole 2 minutes, and not after 41 minutes of running. So finishing the run, tired but strong, made me happy.

It doesn’t matter what your ‘fast’ speed is, or what distance is ‘long’ for you.
Whether you are trying to run a whole mile without stopping, going for a sub 1:20 half marathon, or if you just run with no goals, pushing yourself to those places you are not sure you can go is 90% of the fun.
Because as long as we are going outside our comfort zone, then it becomes a challenge. And don’t we all love a challenge.

I did some ab work after the run, and 20 minutes of light swimming.
I spent the rest of the morning at home, just tiding up and doing house stuff, had a salad for lunch with some homemade granola bars I made for the kids (corn flakes, oatmeal, peanut butter, honey, dried cranberries, and chocolate chips), and took a 2 hour nap in the afternoon.

Later we went to the port with the kids and took their bikes. The weather was perfect, and although it was crowded it was nice.
We had fresh juice, a cheese plate, wraps, coffee, and ice cream. We can’t go out without food being involved.



Do you plan some of your runs to be challenging?

Is eating and drinking part of the fun when you go out?


Twice Tel Aviv Port and LSD

The alarm went off at 5:15 this morning, I had some strong coffee, read some articles and blogs online and went out for a run.  My early morning ritual of drinking coffee while reading on my computer, when it’s still dark out and everyone is sleeping, is one of my favorites.  A little bit of silence before the noise starts.



I left the house at 6:15 and drove to the Yaffo Port to start my Long Slow Distance run there.  The sky was really dark grey and the road was wet so I figured this might be my first run in the rain, it has to happen sometime, right?.. but I got lucky and it didn’t rain.
My long runs in the last few months have always started in the same place because I’ve calculated the distance for that particular route on Google Maps, 20 KM (12.4 Miles), and if I want to run a longer distance then I just measure the “extra” part I mean to run and add it to the 20 KM.  I’m way to anal to just run wherever or whatever distance… I have to know my stats.


Well, since I have my new Garmin I can really run wherever and have the watch tell me how far I’ve run… isn’t that awesome?  So today I started at Yaffo Port, run to Tel Aviv Port which is about 7 KM (4.3 Miles), and from there went into a Park that’s right by the Port and run there about 3 more KM (1.9 Miles) each way, and of course back to my car.  Total 20.2 KM (12.5 Miles) in 1:43.  First half average pace of 5:20 Min/KM (8:35 Min/Mile), second half average pace of 4:52 Min/KM (7:50 Min/Mile).


Garmin Map


I’ve only been running longer than 13 KM (8 Miles) for the past 4 months.  It was scary at first to go beyond that, so it’s incredible to me how this kind of distance doesn’t daunt me anymore.  I definitely feel my hips by the end of the run, sometimes I feel some calf tightening (depending on the effort I’m making) but that’s about it.


Keep Running


It was a great run, the weather was a bit cold (I mean this in a good way), it was early in the morning so the boardwalk wasn’t crowded and it was comfortable to run, and it just felt really good.  I ran 4 days in a row but tomorrow is rest day.  I need it. Usually I don’t run more than 3 days in a row but this week my schedule had to be tweaked because of my trip, so I kind of made up for the lack of running in the beginning of the week.


I wore my new Mizuno Wave Rider 16 in black, capris with knee high compression socks (so it looked like I was wearing long tights actually), and a long sleeve Mizuno thermal top, no under layer, but I wasn’t cold.  I did take a pair of gloves I bought recently, it was my 2nd time running with them, and I didn’t regret wearing them.  I did decide not to wear the hat I took with me, and left it in the car, I think that I would have gotten too warm at some point otherwise.


I was back home by 8:45 to take a shower, eat something, and get ready for some family time… Tel Aviv Port again…!!


 Enjoying the warm sun this time

Enjoying the warm sun this time


Totally different this time, just 2 hours later, the sun was shinning and it was full of people, families, kids, bikers, runners.. it’s one of my favorite places to go, we took bikes for the kids, walked around, and had a late breakfast/lunch (my 3rd breakfast of the day, nice).


 Eating Breakfast, Drinking Coffee

Eating Breakfast, Drinking Coffee