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Forget Your Training Plan, and Cheers to a Chocolate Shake

I had planned to do a short and easy run the day after my half marathon rehearsal run, but that didn’t happen.

Yes, I went running, but it wasn’t as short as I had planned, or as easy. I did 10.7K/6.6M instead of the 7K/4.3M I had scheduled, and average pace was 04:55 min/KM (07:55 min/mile) instead of my planned pace of 05:27 min/KM (08:47 min/mile).

Garmin Connect 10.72

That’s what happens when you run in a beautiful place on a beautiful day.
Or when you are freaked out about a race and push yourself instead of taking it easy, like that’s going to prove something.

Tel Aviv Boardwalk

I threw in some junk miles (junk kilometers, is that a thing?) for good measure today, 7.7KM/4.8M at average pace of 05:16 min/KM (08:28 min/mile).
Actually they didn’t feel like junk to me… it was cold and I still made an effort.
I don’t think any run should be considered junk. Well, at least not anything longer than 20 minutes.

Then I went to the gym for 30 hell minutes of ab work, and 15 laps in the pool (750 meters).


Every day after a workout I make myself a shake and take it on my way to work. This is by far my favorite post workout snack.
I usually base it on frozen coffee (I make it and freeze it in disposable cups), soy milk, a banana, and whatever else is around (strawberries, apples, chia seeds, flaxseed, raw cacao, etc.).

Shake Diet

I forgot I had frozen some of the chocolate flavored coffee I got a while ago, and I made today’s shake with it and it was awesome.
I couldn’t figure out why the shake tasted so great and then about 10 minutes later I realized what it was.
I also put it in a large banana, a cup of soy milk, brown sugar, cacao, chia seeds, and lots of ice.


What is the least distance / time you run?

For me it’s usually 7KM/4.3M, once a week, for recovery after a long run.


Do you have a favorite post workout snack?