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Having Fun at Work, and Some Running

I really wanted to go pick up my bib for Friday’s Half Marathon, but it didn’t make sense that I go myself because:

A) It would take me at least 2 hours to go into Tel Aviv and come back, completely unnecessary considering a friend could bring it to me.
B) They probably sold GU at the expo at a good price, which means I would end up buying a ridiculous amount of packets.

I got to work this morning, and immediately went to pick up the race pack from my friend’s office:

Bib and Shirt TLV Half Marathon

The shirt is nice, I like my bib number, the samples and pamphlets are few and useless, respectively.

Shirt Tel Aviv Half Marathon

I had to try on the shirt the minute I got home. I like it and it fits well, it has a nice cut. It seems really light too. However I am not wearing it to the race, I’d rather wear a tank top. They should do a tank top race shirt next time.

As you can see I’m already wearing my slippers, I change into those as soon as I get home. That’s all running, taking care of my feet. I used to stay in heels all day before I started running.


Work was fun today!
I work for an airline, and we went to see a plane that had undergone some design changes.

Pilot Cabin Plane

Don’t worry, I’m not flying a plane anytime soon. Now you can visit Israel.


Forget pilot cabins and turbines though, this is what most days look like:


Not as fun, uh? You got that right.


Running has been a regular taper week. Now that I’ve ran a few races I’m getting the hang of tapering. I’m not even in a bad mood this time around.

Monday was a short HIIT run, half an hour, with fast pace intervals but only 30 seconds each, so I ended the run still feeling strong.
Tuesday was easy 8KM/5M outside. That was my last run until race day, so I made an effort to keep it light.
I went for a swim this morning, 30 minutes or so, I don’t really check my time when I swim. ‘Cause I already know I’m not fast, so why bother.


Have you ever gotten a race shirt that was anything but a short sleeve t-shirt?

If you work, what do you do?