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LSD turns to LFD, once again

Perfect start to the weekend: a 23KM/14.3M run at 6:30 in the morning, on the Yaffo to Tel Aviv boardwalk, and back.

I definitely got an early start on everyone, look at that empty parking lot.

Yaffo Port Parking Lot

I know some people get it and some people think I’m crazy, but to me an early run, especially a long run, is the best way to start the day.

I’ve learnt to love long runs.
It’s not that I didn’t like them before, I was just afraid of them. I guess it makes sense to be afraid of a long run when you first start.

Look at these cuties I found on my way to the port’s parking lot:

Bears and Fish

Once again, I didn’t take my phone with me on my run. I wanted to take pictures, but didn’t have a proper pocket for it. No big pockets on the tights I wore, and I tried to take it on my long sleeve top but it was jumping around so I put it back in my car.
I have great tight (no jumping around) mesh pockets on my tight shorts, so as soon as the weather is nicer I’ll be able to run with them and carry my phone.

I’m 2 weeks away from the Tel Aviv Half Marathon, and since I did a fast finish long run last weekend, the plan was to do an easy run this time.


Somewhere on the 12KM/7M a guy passed me, and started running right in front of me.
I don’t mind at all when someone passes me, not on regular runs and not on races. I do my thing, I have my plan, I have my paces.

But, this guy, wherever he came from (hadn’t seen him anywhere around me before), passed me and just stuck there. I let him be and figured he’d gain some distance on me soon enough, but he didn’t. So after a few minutes I went ahead and passed him again, I can’t run with someone so close to me, when the whole boardwalk is empty.
And then it was on. What ensued was about 5 KM/3M of me not letting him pass me, and him not letting me pass him. Way too funny. OK it was very annoying then, but it’s really funny now.
Eventually I just turned around and ran in the other direction, and not because I couldn’t keep the pace but just because I wanted to do my thing.

I still had 7KM/4.3M to finish my run and I actually kept it up for the remainder of the run.
Thanks stranger, for a half marathon distance PR on my Garmin:

Garmin Half Marathon PR

My workout/splits. I was forced to run faster. It wasn’t me.

Workout Garmin and Splits

I went home straight after the run to shower, since I had to be at my son’s kindergarten at 9:15 for a family activity, and after that to my daughter’s daycare for another family activity.
I got home at 8:45, took a shower, got dressed/makeup, ate a snack really quickly and left.

I met my husband and son at the kindergarten (they left a bit earlier than me) and first thing my husband asked me, right in front of all the other parents, is if I hadn’t had time to take a shower. I guess I looked that good.


Any running related funny things people told you that you care to share?

Do you compete with the people running around you?