A 5K I Didn’t Run, and a 23K I Did Run

Last night I went to see a running competition at the track and it was so much fun. I had never been to a track race or meeting before.

At the beginning of the week the organizer of our work running group told me of a 5K race for people over 35 years old, organized by the Israeli Athletic Association that would take place on Thursday, and asked if I wanted to run it.

Well… sure I wanted, but in the end decided against it.
Last evening, watching the race, I felt I regretted that decision, but actually I don’t.
With a Half Marathon last Friday plus a tough 10K training run on Saturday and a race coming up next Saturday, there was no point in adding a new race to my calendar in between.

Also, this 5K was in the evening, a time I’m with my kids, which meant I’d have to ask my husband to leave work early (not as easy as it sounds) so I could go, or that I’d have to get a babysitter to be with my kids a few hours in the afternoon/evening instead of me, which I didn’t really want to do.
And last but not least (but I promise this is not the main reason) I was intimidated to run with people from/associated with the Athletic Association. Coming last is never fun, even if you are competing against greatness itself.

So I went only as a spectator and it was such a cool experience.



This morning I went for an early long run, I kept my starting time of 6:30ish although we changed the clock last night for daylight savings time, so it was a bit darker/colder than usual.
23.35K/14.5M at an easy pace, and I was good this time. 01:57:44, average pace 05:03 Min/KM (08:07 Min/Mile). Exactly what I had in mind.


My legs are still feeling heavy from last weekend, which is fine. It’s good to feel how my legs recover, to get to know them better.
My breathing was where it should be for that pace, I felt good, nothing hurt, but my legs felt like I had attached light weights to them.

Came home, took a shower, had a yummy snack.
I was going to make myself a PB&J but then thought I should have a banana too, so I added it to the PB&J. It was pretty good. Also had 2 granola bars.


Lunch was less than 2 hours later.. I am so hungry after long runs. I try to go by feel but sometimes I feel like I’m overeating.


Any good PB&J recipes with a twist?

Are you constantly hungry after a long run?




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