Give Me a (Lunch) Break, a Shirt, and Something I was Not Expecting to See

I forgot to write that I got an Adidas shirt as a prize for placing second on a 10K race last weekend.

The shirt was really nice, dark pink with a bit of light pink, and a really cute cut that sat tighter on the waist and a bit loser from the waist down, and a really light and soft material.

The only problem, they gave me a Medium, which was too big for me. The body part wasn’t so bad, I could have kept it, but the sleeves were awful, twice the size of my arms, at least.

So I went to exchange it yesterday, at the store who sponsored the race, Adidas/Brooks Marathonya, and this is what I saw on my way there:

Tel Aviv Marathon 2014 Start Line

You probably can’t see what it is, but don’t worry because I was driving while I took these pictures (!!!!!  bad, bad, I know), so I got closer pretty soon:

Tel Aviv Marathon 2014 Start Line

So, that’s the start line of the Tel Aviv Marathon / Half Marathon / 10K on February 28th! I’ll be doing the Half Marathon there. I was surprised to see it up already but most than anything I was so excited to see it!

And I was able to exchange the shirt to an XS, similar model, except in orange. Not the same… but then I didn’t have anything orange in running gear so now I do.


Adidas Shirt Prize
Seriously, it was so much prettier in pink


Do you have a favorite color for running gear? I own A LOT of purple, my favorite color.




20 thoughts on “Give Me a (Lunch) Break, a Shirt, and Something I was Not Expecting to See”

  1. race t-shirts are so hit and miss – I have some hilarious ones but mostly too big too. I seem to accumulate pink workout gear a lot

    1. I don’t know why some races don’t offer smaller sizes.. A lot of women runners are small. The shirt from the only half marathon I’ve run so far is huge, and that’s a shirt i was hoping to wear (or show off) but can’t.

  2. I usually get Large t-shirts when the entry asks for your height, they think I’m a big guy, I’m just tall, I wear small.
    I prefer bright colors, the brighter the better, yellow, orange, green.

    1. I’m not big on bright, although they have become quite the thing.. and actually I love to see other runners run by me in all kinds of crazy bright gear.
      They just gave me the shirt without consideration, my shirt from the actual race (the one that everyone gets) I had ordered in XS, they really could have checked.

  3. Cool on the 2nd place finish! And the shirt. I race in hot pink normally. Switched it up this last race to purple. I might have to keep with that since I got my PR. 😉

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